Laurent Kratz


Winner of Infrachain Challenge 2020, NEOFACTO presents our innovative project "ClaimIT!" which streamlines the authorization granting for the citizens by using verifiable digital claims deployed on the blockchain.

The chosen use case concerns the streamlining of the process of authorization granting to access specific parking space for disabled people ("cartes de stationnement pour personnes handicapées" or "CHS").

"ClaimIT!" would help simplify the processes, save money for the government and citizens, decrease the administrative burden, ensure easy auditability by authorities and a positive environmental impact.


This solution can be extended to many different cases of authorization granting to both citizens and legal entities. Moreover, it could also help put forward Luxembourg within the European Union as the initiator of a pioneer solution that can be deployed at the EU level.

Smart-contract, Solidity, React.js, TypeScript...

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