Rushank Bardolia

Luxembourg, Ghana

Greenearth Agro Industries Limited is an environmentally conscious company with focus on production of Palm Kernel Oil and its subsidiary products such as Palm Kernel Shell and Palm Kernel Cake.

The prioritization of sustainable procurement and production are major characteristics of GEA’s business model. As such, the company maintains processes that distinguish from competitors. Some of these processes are:
● Raw material is procured from sustainable and organic origins
● 65% of the workforce is female – gender equality is critical to GEA
● Daily minimum wage adherence + health care and social security to GEA employees
● Circular business model: palm kernel shells (by-product) are pressed into briquettes for fuel to heat homes and cook food

The below Youtube will give you description of the project.


A significant value-adding component of GEA’s production model is its objective to implement blockchain technology to trace and track product from origin to consumption.This implies that GEA’s sustainable palm oil will be a single identifiable certified source kept separately from ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain. By means of proprietary technology, each palm oil product can be tagged with an optical ID signature that is unique and unclonable for all practical purposes. This clear supply chain traceability and trackability allows for transparency from origin to consumption – a key factor in consumer consciousness and supporting remote farmers.

Project name:

Greenearth Agro’s