The Luxembourg Blockchain Lab

The Luxembourg Blockchain Lab is a common initiative between Infrachain, The LHoFT, LIST, SnT and Letzblock to create and nurture the Blockchain ecosystem in Luxembourg.

The call for project is the first initiative launched jointly in order to start building the collaboration and have a dedicated entity.

The aim is to promote Blockchain in Luxembourg and help reduce inefficiencies via the use of Blockchain.

We have the network, we need your ideas.

Blockchain Luxembourg

Meet the founders

The report launch event

Blockchain Luxembourg

Luxembourg: The Epicenter of the Tokenization Era


Download the report to discover:

  • The technical possibilities behind tokenization and how they work.
  • The use of DLT-based securities’ registers under Luxembourg law.
  • The challenges and opportunities for the Luxembourg market.
I welcome the initiative launched by Infrachain, LëtzBlock, LHoFT, LIST and SnT. Technologies such as blockchain have the potential to revolutionize for the better large parts of our economy. Today, the foundation was laid to define the right strategy for blockchain competence development and then do what is necessary to drive the ...
Xavier Bettel
Prime Minister of Luxembourg and Minister for Digitalisation
Technologies such as Blockchain have the potential to revolutionize large parts of the financial industry. The Government will examine the possibilities of further clarifying the applicable legislative framework and will continue to develop public-private initiatives and partnerships such as Infrachain, in order to implement new innovative solutions. (translated)
Accord de coalition